TEAliSe Wholesale

We are committed to the quality of our teas. From harvesting to how it is served, we feel that there is a right way to cultivate the tea plant, a right way to craft the harvested leaves into a tea, and a right way to properly prepare that tea. We partner with wholesale customers who share this dedication and commitment to quality.

Let us know your plans, tell us what you have in mind and how TEAliSe Company can be a part of it.

For more information on our wholesale tea program, please contact TEAliSe via email at info@TEAliSe.com .



We've always wondered why restaurants with refined wine lists would, when it comes time to offering tea to their customers, settle for the mediocrity of tea bags and flavored tea blends. Thousand dollar truffles and ten cent tea bags just don't go well together. It's time. Upgrade that tea list.

Our restaurant tea service program revolves around three very important elements: exceptional quality tea, rigorous staff training and assistance in integrating a tea program into your restaurant's workflow.


Most cafes today get by with tea bags pulled from racked boxes. And for $2, customers can pay for the same teas that they see at every major supermarket and cafe from here to Toledo. The cafe customers we work with want something different from their tea service - something not run of the mill. 

Our cafe tea service program revolves around three important elements:  exceptional quality tea, staff training and assistance with tea promotion via information binders, etc, and assistance in integrating our loose leaf teas into either an in-cafe service or a take-out service model.

Tea House

At the heart of our wholesale business is support for ventures that are completely dedicated to tea service. We guide and educate new tea ventures so that they too can offer teas backed with intimate knowledge of where the teas are sourced, how the tea are crafted, and most importantly, how the teas should best be served.

We spend our time selecting and vetting the teas before they get to you, we handle the logistics of getting the tea from garden to our shores, so that your time can be spent marketing and growing your tea business - or just brewing very good tea.


We currently work with a few small markets, and we'd like to partner with more.  But we're selective... We're not ready to build 30,000 square foot warehouses that can supply tea to national chains, because we know that to do so will require a compromise in the quality and freshness of our teas.

Instead, we prefer working with smaller markets. We prefer to market and introduce our teas with the same quality and wealth of information with which we market and sell our teas at our shop. We think we've figured out a way to do it well.