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TEAliSe Top 10 Recommended loose leaf tea for spring!

Like many great things, bubble was born in the 1980s. From humble beginnings in Taiwan, its popularity soon spread across Asia and in the last few years it has gone global. The first TEAlice bubble tea room will open in beautiful Niagara-on-the-lake in next Spring. Made fresh for each customer, TEAliSe Bubble Tea is ‘freshly brewed not stewed’, made with real fruit nectar and fresh, organic milk. TEAlice serves classic milk and ice teas as well as the more adventurous savoury mousse teas. Each is topped off with a variety of tapioca pearls, fruit jellies and basil seeds. Choose from colourful concoctions like Jasmine Green Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk, Lychee Coconut Water, Iced Honey Green Tea and Iced Black Mousse Tea. At this place, you get double the bubble.


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